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Top Easy Activities For Remote Virtual Team Building

Establishing remote support teams is still new to many companies, but the way we work and collaborate has changed dramatically in recent months. However, over the years, remote work has grown significantly. According to data from Global Workplace Analytics, since 2005, its growth rate is as high as 173%.

Online video calls are very simple, which means that colleagues in remote areas can continue to work closely with little trouble. Not only to maintain smooth communication but also to maintain team spirit and morale. This is why virtual team building activities are so important. They provide remote employees with the opportunity to keep in touch with each other on a personal and professional level and maintain morale despite the physical barriers.

Various virtual team building activities can help you maintain team spirit and employee engagement. Check out my six main ideas below to get started.

Picture sharing

Picture sharing is a very interesting way to encourage colleagues to be open to each other and keep each other uplifted. Ask each colleague to share a photo that is important to them, or some photos that illustrate their character-it could be anything from a photo of yourself at night to a child or pet. Then, ask them to explain more about the photo (for example, where the photo was taken, the story behind the photo, etc.) and the reasons for the choice. This kind of virtual team building activity is very suitable to provide other members of the team with a new perspective on the individual personality of colleagues. This is also an opportunity for your team to socialize and communicate more freely.

Show and tell

Virtual performances and narration are another great virtual team building activity that can help employees get to know each other better. When the teacher asks you to bring something you own or create to school, and then tell other students, you may remember these things in school

Virtual performances and narrations are carried out in a similar way. You will ask employees to briefly talk about valuable assets or professional achievements that they are particularly proud of for the rest of the team. It can range from personal hobbies to professional projects. Maybe they can even talk about their experience in managing remote marketing teams, or provide some time management skills to remote team members. Don’t limit your virtual performances to only focusing on key projects, but instead allow teammates to share knowledge, best practices and suggestions.

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